Bruno Fagali: the fight against the rising dominance of fake news

Bruno divulged that for an extended period the influence as well as dominance with which false news and stories control the election process has been discussed. This aspect affects almost every electoral process conducted in the various countries of the world. A well-known example is the United States of America general election, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in which fake stories were uploaded and spread.

Bruno Fagali revealed that the TSE initiated the Consultative Council on Internet as well as Elections. This council was made of representatives from the fourteen organs as well as entities. This implied everybody was adequately represented in the board. The tasks given to the committee was categorised into three significant roles.

The first duty was to research and commence studies entailing rules of the election. This aspect was about the influence of the internet towards the election. The first task also included the false impact stories had in the entire election process and thus the strategies that could be used to curb these types and forms of false information. The second task given to the council was to offer its own opinion towards problems issued by the President of the TSE. The last job was to provide proposals as well as give possible actions or goals that would help in improving the process and standards observed in the whole election period.

A new threat to has however emerged that is affecting the validity of information in the news. It is called Deepfakes; this aspect involves the use of incorrect videos which have more influence in the intended message as well as the power it controls. It entails using an application to insert a person of interest in a video thus placing the person in a compromising position with which he doesn’t represent. The person of interest could be a public figure as well as a celebrity or a politician. This false information has a better control of the mass influence in the internet.

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer in Brazil where he has been registered to practice. His field of expertise is in election law as well as compliance law and public law. Another aspect is in parliamentary law with which he has a keen interest. He has his own law firm called Fagali Advocates based in the Brazilian nation. The sole purpose of the firm was to provide the staff with the needed knowledge that is required in the interests pursued by the company. These endeavours are completed and done with the utmost dedication and will of the personnel.

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