Securus Technologies Providing Officers More Valuable Resources

When you work inside a crowded and dangerous prison, you will take advantage of any resource available that will make your job safer. As our facility fills over capacity with violent criminals, me and my fellow officers welcome technology that can help to keep peace within the walls of the jail. This year, we were introduced to the staff at Securus Technologies, and they were able to help us to really tighten things down to the point we can actually take back control of this facility.


Over the last few years, the combination of more young gang members and drugs of every sort have made this a very dangerous place to work. These younger criminals have no concern for taking a life, and if ordered by the gang, they would snap at the chance to take out an officer. To that end, we have to walk a very fine line while on duty because in the blink of an eye these inmates could easily get the upper hand. Securus Technologies is responsible for the inmate telephone monitoring system we utilize today, allowing us to have software scan calls for illegal activities while we continue our heavy presence in the jail.


Securus Technologies already has their monitoring system in thousands of jails, and it is key for giving the officers a chance to get ahead of certain criminal activities before anyone is allowed to be hurt. The LBS software is the key to the success of the monitoring system, it can detect chatter about anything from drugs to contraband, then instantly alert officers who take immediate action. In many of these instances, me and my team have been able to get control of a potentially dangerous situation long before anyone is even in harm’s way. By year end we will have tightened up this facility a hundred fold.



Anaya Quentin

Getting to work as a prison officer could be horrible sometimes. This is so because the cell is filled with blood thirsty gangs that has no respect for life. According to essayhell, an officer lost his life trying to separate gang fight. To this end, Securus Technologies were able to install call monitoring systems so as to detect what the inmates are discussion or planning to do. This has helped to prevent future fight, leaving the prison to be safe.

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