Eric Lefkosky and Tempus’ Vision for Modern Precision Medicine

The Story of Tempus

The U.S is facing increasing challenges today with their health, and one of those health concerns is cancer care and research. With more adults facing cancer diagnosis today, it’s good to know that the medical advancement in cancer research is catching up. This medical progress is possible thanks mostly to companies like Tempus, who is founded by Eric Lefkosky.

The story behind Eric Lefkosky’s involvement in cancer research started when doctors diagnosed his wife with breast cancer. He found out that there were gaping holes that exist regarding collecting and organizing cancer data for digital technology. Despite the ominous amount of data from patients, Eric realized that there was still no efficient and more streamlined way to corral all that information to make practical use of it and what Eric Lefkosky knows.

The vision of Tempus was simple but impressive: it was to transform how doctors deliver the basics of cancer diagnosis and care. Eric co-founded the company to make sure that they can develop a platform for doctors and research to analyze the patient’s clinical data and molecular facts and display all this in an accessible and affordable way.

The vision of Eric is also to put data-enabled precision medicine at the forefront of cancer studies in the future. He hopes the Tempus platform can determine which drugs, treatments and clinical tests needed for doctors to make more informed decisions in real time not only for cancer but other countless conditions and diseases as well and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkosky was able to make Tempus as one of the global industry‘s leading company in charge of data-enabled precision in quality medicine. Right now Tempus is making sure that the authorities deliver the latest development and technology in modern science to everyone who needs it.

History and Education

Eric Paul Lefkosky was born on September 2, 1969, and grew up in Southfield, Michigan. Graduated with honors in 1991 from the University of Michigan, Leftosky went to University of Michigan Law School for his Juris Doctor degree in 1993 and more information click here.

He is also the American entrepreneur who co-founded Echo Global Logistics (ECHO), InnerWorkings (INWK) and Uptake. He also co-founded the venture capital company, Lightbank, in Chicago.

How Louis Chenevert Shaped UTC into an Innovator in the Aerospace Industry

Louis Chenevert, the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), is known for shaping the firm into an innovator in the aerospace industry. He believes that betting on the latest technology would give any company a competitive edge and asks various companies to focus on investing in future technologies. Chenevert also stated that when a company offers leadership post to someone, the role demands a kind of stewardship that position demands. He says that the stewardship in UTC has only one meaning, and that is investing in innovation and people. Chenevert wanted his works in the company showing some significant improvements and placing the company in a much better position than the situation when he was assuming the role.

The ideology of Chenevert helped the firm to significantly achieve in the market by investing in lifelong learning of the employees. The Employee Scholar Program framed by UTC pays the expenses associated with the additional education each employee proceeds. It should be noted that more than 39,000 graduations have been registered under the program since 1996 with spending over $1 billion. Chenevert remembers that the GTF engine of the UTC’s subsidiary, Pratt & Whitney, needed an investment of $10 billion and at least 20 years of the business unit when it started in 1993. But, it became a crucial investment for the firm in the later years. According to Forbes, Chenevert joined the company when it was facing sub-prime recession but helped the firm to grow significantly during the period. During his period, UTC assembled some of the most advanced jet engines in the world.

Louis Chenevert currently serves as an Exclusive Advisor to Goldman Sachs in its Merchant Banking Division. He joined UTC in the year 1993 and became the President of the firm in 2006. Before joining UTC, Chenevert worked with General Motors for 14 years.

Chenevert completed his graduation from the Université de Montréal in Production Management. He was inducted into the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics as a fellow in the year 2005. Chenevert also serves as the Chairman of Advisory Board of HEC Montreal. In the year 2011, he was named as the Person of the Year by Aviation Week & Space Technology, a leading aviation trade magazine. He has had a long, varied, and successful career.

Daniel Mark Harrison: Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Author

ICO options are popular, and Monkey Capital was able to sell options prior to funding since it is a decentralized hedge fund. The company invests in SpaceX supply contracts, Blockchain systems, and hostile company takeovers. At the same time, Monkey Capital speculates on large blocks of Crypto and made news in becoming the first ICO to sell options effectively.

Monkey Capital has a top management team with quality operations that filter into real benefits doing good from the start with options called COEVAL that trades on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The CEO of Monkey Capital talked to hundreds of investors about valuation premiums and the volume in COEVAL contracts was approximately 15 BTC on the DEX exchange.

National radio host Chris Walzek, who has interviewed names like George Soros and Jim Rogers, he said would give the company 5 out of 6 stars. He said was surprised during an interview of the Monkey Capital’s founder and managing partner, Daniel M. Harrison. Walzek said he hasn’t seen a product like this in over a decade and said it is something from the future.

Daniel M. Harrison is a managing partner of the blockchain venture capital firm Monkey Capital and FinTech. He is also chairman & chief executive officer of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., a global investment company. Mr. Harrison is the author of a published 2015 novel Millennial Reincarnations and described by bestselling author Jeffery Robinson as someone to watch.

Mr. Harrison attended the New York University in the Journalism in the master’s degree program, he earned an MA in journalism with a certificate in Business & Economics Reporting at Carter Institute of Journalism & Stern School of Business. He also attended the University of Oxford for a BA in Theology. Mr. Harrison also attended BI Norwegian Business School for an MBA in Business Administration and Management earning his MBA in one year instead of two years. During this degree, he had a 3-month consulting contract with Optimera, the largest hardware logistics provider in Scandinavia and was awarded an A for his grade.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Frontera Fund Creators Make a Difference for Others

The Larkin-Lacey Frontera Fund has been successful since it was first started and that has made it better for different people who are in different situations. James Larkin and Mike Lacey know that this is going to make things better for people and they know that they are going to be able to make a difference for the humans who are in different situations.

James Larkin and Mike Lacey know a lot about different situations and they know that they are going to be able to make things better for everyone. It is something that has changed the circumstances that are happening so that they can help people who are in different situations.

Based out of the civil rights movement, James Larkin and Mike Lacey knew that things were going to get better and that people were going to be able to enjoy all of the things about their lives without the issues that come along with civil rights violations.

Even James Larkin and Mike Lacey had to go through a civil rights case of their own. They knew that they were going to struggle with the things that they were doing and they also knew they were going to need to ensure that things were going to work out for them in different situations.

Since James Larkin and Mike Lacey were interested in the different things that they could do, they also knew that they were going to be able to try different things. This led to them making things better on their own and in the different situations that they had. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

While James Larkin and Mike Lacey have been doing different things with the Larkin-Lacey Frontera Fund, they have also were certain that they were going to make a new civil rights movement with their own skills.

They were confident that their skills would be beneficial and that they wouldn’t have to worry about the problems that came along with the experiences that they had. For James Larkin and Mike Lacey to try this, they had to ensure that they were doing things the right way and that they were going to need to make their lives better.

Clients of James Larkin and Mike Lacey know that the men are always doing what they can to bring change about. On the Larkin-Lacey Frontera Fund website, they put information about civil rights cases. They have tried to ensure that everything was going to work out for them.

The people who are doing things in the cases have always been able to make things better and have always been working to help other people with the issues that they have. Because of this, James Larkin and Mike Lacey know that they can continue to help other people.

Jose Henrique Borghi is Living up to his Reputation and Casually Taking Mullen Lowe Brazil to the Top of the Brazilian Advertising Industry

Advertising is more important today than it has ever been. Improving living standards in various countries across the globe over the last few decades have led to higher disposable incomes among consumers. At the same time, however, there has been an increase in the number of organizations catering to the needs of these consumers. Due to the high stakes to be won and the increased competition, it is more important than ever for companies to distinguish themselves and their products from the competitions’. Advertising presents one of the most effective strategies to do so and more information click here.

As the demand for effective advertising has gone up, so have the fortunes of Mullen Lowe Brazil. Based in Sao Paulo, the company has created a name for itself as one of the most consistent agencies in the Brazilian advertising industry. In fact, the advertising agency is today ranked the third largest in the country, and it is still growing. The success of Mullen Lowe Brazil has to a large extent been a result of the work undertaken by Jose Henrique Borghi.

About Jose Henrique Borghi

Mr. Borghi is currently the co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil. He had until 2015 served in the CEO position alone before a restructuring by the Mullen Lowe Group resulted in Andre Gomes being named his co-CEO. Mr. Borghi’s journey towards the helm of Mullen Lowe Brazil goes back all the way to 2002 when he founded his own agency BorghiErh. The agency would, however, merge with Lowe + Partners. The two would go on to form the Mullen Lowe Group with the Brazilian business being placed under the care of Mr. Borghi and learn more about Borghi.

Mr. Borghi is famous in the Brazilian advertising industry for his casual look. He is often seen wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt around the office. This, however, has not stopped him from working with large brands such as Unilever and Borghi on Facebook.

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Securus Technologies in Crime Prevention

Public safety is one of the key implements to be adhered to in everywhere. Since crimes have been causing constant unrests upon individuals, Securus Technologies sought to address the matter by using revolutionized technologies. Criminal activities ranging to inmate-on-inmate show that the state of security has been diminishing due to the unsecure environment that surrounds individuals. Securus Technologies took a step against its competitors by choosing to adopt technology which will act as a push towards ensuring safer environments are created for civilians and inmates as well. The implementations and research activities adopted by the company have seen to it that crimes are essentially prevented and reduced.

Ideally, what the company does is taking the comments of customers and implementing them. This simply means that the company takes the full initiative of addressing and implicating what customers request to be done. Securus receives many letters and emails from their customers which come in as appreciations to their good work in keeping the society safer and also corrections as well. Through careful analysis, the company will know what needs to be done in order to ensure they stay on top of their competitors in providing better security for individuals.

Securus has gone on and reduced certain references to facility names, counties and states as one way of protecting innocent people in the society. The advancement in technologies used in the provision of security sees to it that Securus is creating a safer environment for individuals. Better investigative tools have been utilized as another means of ensuring that crimes are prevented. This will allow the company to monitor activities thus be on the onlook in case of any form of insecurity against other individuals. ideally, Securus has ensured that it has set up security measures providing safer environments for individuals.


The Lovely Dental Treats from Beneful at Walmart

Walmart has a variety of Beneful products to choose from, and the dog food is one of the best owners may give their dogs. This article explains how the brand has been bolstered by Walmart, and it shows what the dental treats will do for dogs. Someone who wants their pet to have a happy life must give them the best food, and the dental ridges in Beneful treats will help dogs clean their own teeth.

#1: Dental Ridges

The dental ridges offered by Beneful are quite important as they will scrub a dog’s teeth clean while they are eating. Every pet that tries these treats for the first time will be happy with the flavor, and they will not notice that they are cleaning their teeth. The owner benefits when they notice how clean their dog’s teeth are.

#2: Many Flavors

There are many flavors of Beneful dog treats that may be offered to pets, and someone who is searching for a particular flavor will find it on the shelves of their local Walmart. This is an important thing for dog owners who are in a hurry because they may trust Walmart to always have the treats that they need.

#3: Easy To Eat

Every dog that is given a Beneful dog treat will be quite pleased with how easy they are to eat. Older dogs will not have a hard time chewing, and they will not spit them up when large chunks get in their mouths. All dogs may clean their teeth and enjoy a nice surprise.

Someone who wishes to give their dogs the best food possible will find that they may purchase Beneful food and treats at Walmart. The company has the lowest prices in the industry, and they are special partners with the Beneful commercial brand and their families.

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Ricardo Tosto: Ideas for Picking an Ideal Law Firm as a First-year Associate

Selecting the right law firm and suitable practice area is one of the biggest decisions for prospective lawyers. While it is possible to move from one company to another within few years of practice in Brazil, your career trajectory will be clearly molded by your first job as legal counsel. At times, it is somewhat difficult to transition from one practice area to another. However, some law companies are a bit flexible and allow young associates to practice in a broad range of disciplines before concentrating on one.

How to choose the right firm as a first-year associate

  1. Prestige

You need to find a reputable and recognized law firm. The foundation you build at the beginning of your career will determine the treatment you will get from future employers. Additionally, prestigious companies expose you to high-profile clients and potential employers.

  1. Practice area that complements your personality

If your intention is to make law your long-term profession, you need to pick a practice that inspires confidence in you. Additionally, you should choose a firm that specializes in the area of your interest and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto works with Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, a celebrated and one of the largest law firms in Brazil. He practices in the specialties of bankruptcy, acquisition review, banking contracts, reorganization, credit recovery, civil law, and election law. Due to his exceptional mastery and cumulative experience in law, Ricardo Tosto has handled high-profile cases and personalities. He has offered legal counsel to the human resource and legal management of several Brazilian companies, including Empresa Eletrica Bragantina, Compannia Nacional de Energia Electrica, and Caiua Servicos de Electricidade and more information click here.

Education and recognition

Ricardo Tosto received his degree in law from Mackenzie University. He is also a qualified business administrator. The Who’s Who Legal named Ricardo Tosto as one of the most decorated Brazilian Lawyers in the area of commercial litigation. Prominent magazines and journals such as Analise 500 and Legal 500 have named his firm as one of the best Brazilian law companies and his Twitter.

How Does Doe Deere Help Women Look Their Best?

Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime makeup brand, and she has built a company that any woman would be proud to use. She has videos online that explain how she made her original makeup, and she has a video online that explains her daily beauty routine. This article explains how Doe makes women feel beautiful, how she runs her company and what her beauty routine can do for anyone. There are many people who will benefit from what Doe does, and they will find that her makeup brand and colors are stunning compared to the rest of the industry.

#1: What Is Lime Crime?

Lime Crime is the brightest makeup brand in the world, and it is one that Doe Deere has created to ensure that only the brightest colors are offered to women. A woman who is interested in this brand will find that it helps her wear the most-lively colors, and she may wear colors that are not found anywhere else. These women will be intrigued to know that they are using colors that no other brand will carry, and many of them are made with vegan ingredients.

#2: The Daily Routine

Doe is the model for her brand, and her daily routine is one that helps women look their best when they are getting ready for a long day of work or play. These women will find that their faces look much better after watching her videos, and following her routine ensures the youthful appearance Doe has. She washes her face, removes all makeup and keeps her face moisturized every day. A woman who does this will have a much better face to work with, and her skin will be much healthier.

#3: Her Inspirations

Doe keeps an Instagram account where she posts pictures of herself wearing the colors and styles from her own brand. She is modeling the brand to ensure that it looks consistent at all times, and the brand helps women choose unique color combinations that they may wear every day. A lady who is interested in the Lime Crime brand will find all the information she needs online, and she will notice this brand is sold only online.

#4: The Online Concept

The online concept that Lime Crime uses is important to the company, and Doe believes that women who are shopping online will save time and money. She is keeping her prices low by lowering her overhead, and there is more money left over for research and development. This is an important part of the company because it is accessible to any woman, and it helps women look their best without fuss.

Doe Deere has started making hair dyes through her company, and she knows that ladies use her bright colors every day because they are the most unique colors in the industry. A woman who wants to look good may use everything that is offered by Lime Crime, and she may follow the daily routine that has been posted by Doe online.

EOS Lip Balms: The Best Flavors

EOS lip balms are one of the newest lips balms on the market. Thanks to a number of factors including celebrity endorsements and its trendy, futuristic spherical shape and the natural ingredients used in manufacturing the lip balm. The organic ingredients used in EOS lip balms include the likes of jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Furthermore, EOS lip balms are gluten-free, paraben-free, petroleum-free, and even phthalate-free. More interesting article here on

People interested in these balms can choose from a variety of flavors and types. They include Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Organic Smooth Sticks, and Organic Smooth Spheres. The latter is said to be 100 percent natural and 95 percent organic. The top four popular flavors are:

1. EOS Blueberry Acai

EOS Blueberry Acai is packaged in an apropos blue-colored case. The balm has a recognizable scent of both the acai and blueberry fragrances. The balm provides a person’s lips with antioxidants and organic ingredients.

2. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry

This balm is colored crimson. Its scent is mild and it will help to heal dry and under-nourished lips with the natural extracts it contains.

3. EOS Summer Fruit

Summer Fruit balm is a mix of fruit flavors. It is a blend of strawberry, peach, and blueberry. It comes in a red case and like the others, it has moisturizing ingredients to help treat dry lips.

4. EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew

Honeysuckle Honeydew is packaged in a light green ball. Unsurprisingly, it smells like fresh honeydew. It aids in revitalizing, smoothing and softening the lips.


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Although these are the top flavors, the company offers others as well. They also come in Lemon Drop SPF 15, Medicated Tangerine, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint, and Vanilla Bean among others. The EOS lip balms apply clearly, are natural, and provide users long-lasting protection.

Check EOS’ page for updates.