Rocketship Charter School Expands Into Metro Nashville Public School Zone

Rocketship Charter Schools were founded in 2006 and opened their doors to begin educating San Jose area children in 2007. Communities have embraced Rocketship charter schools and they have experienced an exponential expansion since their doors first opened. There are currently thirteen Rocketship charter schools in California. These thirteen locations are Antioch School, Alma Academy, Brilliant Minds, Discovery Prep, Fuerza Community Prep, Futuro Academy, Los Suenos Academy, Mateo Sheedy Elementary, Mosaic Elementary, Redwood City Prep, Rising Stars Academy, Sí Se Puede Academy and the Spark Academy. In addition to these California Bay area schools Rocketship Charter Schools has expanded their network to other states within the United States. Nashville, Milwaukee and Washington DC are now currently benefiting from the astounding leadership and educational programs that Rocketship Charter Schools provide.

Nashville Tennessee currently has three Rocketship Charter Schools. These schools are Partners Community Prep, United Academy and Nashville Northeast Elementary. These three schools currently educate 1,038 students and rank in second place for growth out of all seventy three public elementary schools in the Nashville metro public school system. 73% of the students enrolled in the Nashville area Rocketship charter schools are from low income families. Recently the parents of these students took the press to voice their concerns about the Metro Nashville Public School board. The board had been making allegations and unfavorable comments about the Rocketship schools and the parents wanted to express their utter joy about how beneficial these schools have been for their children. The premise of Rocketship Charter Schools is to provide a better learning experience in a safer and updated learning facility. Parents interested in enrolling their children must enter into registration lotto and will be randomly selected.

Rocketship strives to eliminate the achievement gap in the education system from low income to high income neighborhoods. Rocketship functions by embracing three pillars to transform their public schools. Personalized learning is utilized to help children unleash their potential. Curriculum is tailored for each student’s individual needs. Talent Development guides each student to recognize their individual talents and embrace them. Parent Power is the third pillar. Rocketship believes that involved parents can help increase each schools quality. Embracing these three pillars as fundamentals has been successfully driving Rocketship into more cities that benefit from their program.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been practicing out of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute since the year 2009 and is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also one of the most compassionate doctors in the United States according to his own patients and how they rated and reviewed him through various online outlets. The certification was presented by Patient’s Choice where the patients themselves vote and the honor was seconded by the American Registry LLC. Along with the honor itself, he was also presented with a personalized plaque which he proudly displays.


The 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification recipient was only one of the three percent of 870,000 physicians being voted on to receive this recognition and he is deeply honored by the award. Dr. Sameeer, known as Dr. Sam to many of his patients, received almost perfect ratings by his patients overall, but especially in bedside manner. To Jejurikar, taking care of a patient’s emotional needs is just as if not more important as taking care of their medical needs and it can affect the patients’ outcome overall. He is trained in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery which has been immensely useful for some of the more complicated cases that have been under his care.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar earned both his Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry and his medical degree from the University of Michigan. He was invited into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor’s Society while attending the University of Michigan Medical School until 1997. After graduation, his residency was also completed through the University of Michigan followed by a Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery at the world-renowned Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. His first position after his Fellowship was at the Scott and White Medical Center in Texas until he became a surgeon at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in 2009.


Malcolm CasSelle says Cryptocurrency and Video Games Share a Future

Malcolm CasSelle, graduate of MIT and Stanford University, is an entrepreneur who is currently the CIO of OPSkins and the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange(WAX). He has been involved internet technology his entire career, at one time creating the first media production website geared towards Afrocentric culture.

CasSelle has a very long list of prior work experience. He has worked as GM of Groupon in its Eastern China sector. CasSelle was an adviser for Bringhub, PrettyQuick, DirecTech Labs and VOTOCAST.

CasSelle was co-founder of what is now a multi-billion dollar corporation based out of Hong Kong. The company, Pacific Century CyberWorks or PCCW Limited is the holding company of HKT Group Holdings and has interest in several other companies all over the world including Europe, African and other parts of Asia. With his success as an entrepreneur, CasSelle has invested his money wisely with choices such as Facebook and Zynga.

Earlier in the year, Malcom CasSelle made an interesting statement, of which we will have to wait and see if it turns out true. He says the video game industry and the world of cryptocurrency(bitcoins and other digital currency) have an interwoven future if either want to accelerate forward.

His reasoning for this is simple,cryptocurrency is not limited by geopolitical borders. CasSelle, along with his company OPSkins, have created a new platform for virtual trading called WAX. The platform’s intention is to provide a safe place to trade digital goods. Currently the market is filled with fraudulent merchants and thieves. CasSelle looks to move the industry forward by providing a legitimate market place for trading digital goods using cryptocurrencies similar to bitcoin.

The WAX Token, he hopes will be the future currency used for digital transactions, and is currently in the process of marketing his platform to eSports and gamers. The main selling point being, of course, a safe haven for gamers to conduct their transactions.

Adam Milstein Listed Among the Most Influential Philanthropists Globally

Adam Milstein, a globally renowned philanthropist, has been named among the 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders across the globe. The list which included world’s leading humanitarians and social media entrepreneurs was done by Richtopia, a London-based popular publication, in collaboration with social media ranking system.

Rated No. 187 on the list, Adam Milstein was recognized for his continued commitment to the Israel-American Council (IAC) among several other humanitarian organizations. As the co-founder and chairman of AIC, Milstein has significantly impacted the lives of many. The determined leader, philanthropist, and activist has also worked with several Jewish humanitarian organizations, including Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, and AIPAC National Council among others.

While responding to the listing, Adam Milstein affirmed that supporting humanity is not only one of the most important but also gratifying parts of his life. He expressed his gratitude for being named among the world’s top philanthropists. Milstein was particularly grateful to his wife Gila, IAC and partner organizations for the achievement. He further added that the Milstein Family Foundation will continue with its mission of empowering the Jewish community and Israel.

Also included in the list were business leaders-turned-philanthropists, politicians, and highly influential figures. Zuckerberg, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Arianna Huffington, and J.K. Rowling were also on the list.

Adam Milstein featured in top 50

Recognized among those who have made the greatest impact in the world over the last one year, Jerusalem Post featured Adam Milstein among the World’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews. Putting him in position 39 out of 50, Jerusalem Post further explained that Milstein has shown the potential to bring more change in the community for the years to come.

Adam Milstein graduated from the Technion before earning his MBA from USC, United States. He later embarked on pursuing a new career in the commercial real estate. Milstein is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. The successful real estate investor is also the president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He is also a board member of several humanitarian organizations. Watch Adam youtube channel

John Hopkins Educated Plastic Surgeon, Mark Mofid, MD, Performs State of the Art Procedures

Combining the latest body morphing and visualization technologies with the most recent advances in best practice techniques in his field, San Diego-based Dr. Mark Mofid has been helping his patients improve their physiques and self esteem through his plastic surgery practice. Dr. Mark Mofid explains that he has studied the proportions of iconic standards of beauty within our culture, discovering what he describes as an ideal waist to hips ratio of 0.68.

This figure, the golden ratio, is based on the distance between numbers in the sequence discovered by the famous mathematician, Fibonacci. It describes ideal proportions found throughout nature and was known to Renaissance artists who used it to create their famous masterpieces, most famous among those are Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. A graduate magna cum laude from Harvard University, Dr. Mark Mofid went on to earn his medical degree and study surgery at the prestigious John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Describing his application of the most modern plastic surgery methods, Dr. Mofid relates how during his University training, the prevailing philosophy was to remove skin, muscle and fat liberally. Dr. Mofid states that this is no longer the case. The modern approaches focus on repositioning rather than removal, a procedure that produces longer lasting results, fewer issues and higher levels of patient satisfaction.

One of the pioneers in publishing on cosmetic breast procedures, Dr. Mark Mofid implements procedures in his practice based upon latest synthetic mesh, bioinductable technologies. These newer resorbable, non tissue-based meshes have broader applications in breast surgeries and hernia repair and they have fewer side effects than their predecessors, which required followup monitoring by the physician.

Gluteal implants, a procedure frequently requested of Dr. Mofid, provides him with an opportunity to bring patients into the decision making process and increase their medical and aesthetics understanding simultaneously. There have been occasions, Dr. Mark Mofid relates, when patients have requested procedures that would go beyond what he would feel comfortable performing. In these cases, Dr. Mofid shares his industry respected judgment and refuses to overdo implants with too large of a size, even when patients attempt to pressure him to do so. This approach has helped Dr. Mofid build his industry reputation as “contemplative, conservative and confident” in his medical advice and the procedures he performs.

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Fabletics-A Win-Win for Everyone

Fabletics has become a very well-known household name in the last few years. They are not just another athleisure brand that is expensive and monochromatic. Fabletics has broken the mold as far as athleisure wear is concerned. The brand offers trendy clothing for the active lifestyle that is colorful and eye-popping and at a price that is affordable. Plus, Fabletics offers the convenience of a monthly subscription and personalized service.


Instead of going the usual pop-up method that many new companies do, Fabletics took the time to really feel out their customer base and took it slow. This resulted in a steady growth that has proven to be very successful.


While many companies are feeling the effects of “showrooming” Fabletics has been able to avoid the negative impact of customers shopping for better prices elsewhere. When shoppers can’t find a good price, they will buy it at a lower price somewhere else, and the store loses business. But with Fabletics, the customer is already getting the best price, and they can’t get their unique athlesiure anywhere else, so they get a happy customer who shops in their store. About 30 to 50 percent of their customers are already members, and another 25 percent will join the monthly subscription in-store. Plus, all purchases made count toward their monthly shopping cart. It is a win-win for everyone involved, and everyone is pretty happy.


There is good a reason why so many love Fabletics. Even celebrities such as Demi Lovato have partnered with the rising brand. The brand is much more than trendy clothes to wear to the gym. Fabletics is all about making people feel great about their bodies, and they are about looking great, feeling great, and performing in comfortable clothing. Kate Hudson promotes her own brand. She is active and wears her designs. She also stays involved with her company and knows what is selling and what is not.


For an actress that has no background in business, Kate Hudson has done very well. She has found a niche and has honed in on an area that needed to be improved. Fabletics has its new members take a Lifestyle Quiz that helps the company to know what it is that their customers want. It also helps them to offer a very personalized service. Kate is very hands-on, and she cares not only about her company but about her customers as well.

The AIA Continues To Build Good Will With Its CEO

The American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) appointment of Robert Ivy as CEO has been good for the nation’s association of builders. Being a professional association of architects, AIA has continued to benefit the government of the United States along with its citizens. Some of the primary aim of this professional organization is to offer education, provide public outreach programs and community redevelopment. The association’s outreach programs are designed to enhance their public image and provide support for the profession of architecture.

Being the current head of the AIA, Ivy has been working towards these goals. A native of Columbus, Mississippi, Ivy earned his architecture degree in Sewance University. He further advanced his studies of the profession and eventually earned his master’s at Tulane. Ivy has other talents aside from crafting houses and buildings. This includes writing and editing. He was trained in writing and editing at the University of the South, also located in Sewanee, Tennessee. It is in this educational institution where he earned his B.A. degree in English.

Ivy honed his writing and editing talents over the years and eventually became the VP of the McGraw-Hill Construction. He is also at the helm of RECORD, an architectural journal. Under his leadership, this journal was able to increase its circulation around the world.

He also served Architectural Record as its Editor-in Chief from 1996 to 2010. Acting as editor, he also supervised the production of 33 publications both in their digital and print versions. In 2009, he was given a G.D. Crain Award for his exemplary work in editing content in business media. A year later, Alpha Rho Chi, a college fraternity for architecture students, gave him the title “Master Architect.”

Ivy is currently managing the national office of the AIA in Washington, D.C. With 206 employees under him and a huge annual budget of $56 million, Ivy is tasked with the responsibility of promoting the goals and visions of the AIA. He directs the design focus of the profession and tackles the issues involved in its practice. Ivy also promotes the profession’s design values of and works for better understanding of the profession and its practitioners by the general public. As an overseer, he works in harmony with more than 300 chapters of the AIA in the U.S. and abroad to provide support for its members.

Ivy has also written a book, “Fay Jones: Architect” which was published in 1992 by AIA. Apart from AIA, Ivy is also a member of the American Architecture Foundation, and the International Circle of Architecture Critics and the Confederation of International Contractor’s Associations (CICA). Furthermore, he is a member of the advisory boards of four schools of architecture, namely, the Tongji University School of Architecture and Urban Planning in China, The Rural Studio of Auburn University, Mississippi University and Tulane University.

Michael Lacey – The Great Mathmatician

Michael Thoreau Lacey was born on September 26, 1959 in Abilene, TX, he is an American mathematician and is currently serving as the professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. In his early years, Lacey attended the University of Texas in Austin and graduated with a BS in Mathematics in 1981, later, he earned his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Illinois during 1987.

Almost as soon as he graduated, Michael Lacey’s first postdoc work was held at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, where he worked in mathematics as an assistant professor. He decidedly transferred to work for the University of North Carolina under the same position, there he would research ergodic theory, harmonic analysis and lecture topics about probability theory. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

When he attended the University of Illinois, one of his professors was the world famous Austrian mathematician, Prof. Walter Philipp. Together, they had given their new proof of the almost sure central limit theorem.

From the years of 1989 to 1996, Lacey went to work as an assistant professor at the Indiana University in Bloomington. He received an honor while serving his position there and was awarded with a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. In 1996, Lacey and Prof. Christoph Thiele solved the developed theory on the bilinear Hilbert transform and received the prestigious Salem Prix award. The Hilbert transform was a topic of conjecture during that time by the Argentinian mathematician, Alberto Pedro Calderón.

In 1996, Michael Lacey relocated to Atlanta, GA and became an associate professor for the Georgia Institute of Technology. The rest of Michael Lacey’s tenure as a professor would at Georgia Tech, he has been honored with their NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award for his leadership on directing the institute’s assistant professors.

In 2004, Lacey had received the Guggenheim Fellowship honor for his joint work he did with fellow mathematician, Xiaochun Li. In 2013, he had been honored after being nominated and becoming a Fellow at the American Mathematical Society for all of his work that helped contribute towards the advancement of mathematics.

End Citizens United: Creating Better Standards of Campaign Management

End Citizens United is an organization that practices campaign evaluations for political candidates at all levels of government. The Supreme Court has enabled funding to change substantially since its decision to approve Citizens United. This opened up the political system to becoming comprised in many ways. Not only are there multiple methods that political candidates can now use to obtain funding, but the proposition made it easier for funding to be ascertained through non traditional means. Undocumented finances as well as investments from the dark market or through illicit means may be incorporated in the political process due to the limited verification and interests that the government now has in monitoring these practices.

Political candidates can effectively be bought as well as their interests based on the changes approved by the Supreme Court in the Citizens United legislation. Getting meaningful results is an important way that End Citizens United can improve the political process as well as the underlying processes that influence candidate selection and promotion.

Political candidates used to have meticulous standards of operation. They had to document the sources of their revenue as well as specific campaign activities and goals. The results of this process have been shown to consistently improve the accountability that takes place throughout the political process while ensuring that campaign funds are allocated and used in resourceful ways, and what End Citizens United knows.

End Citizens United has provided incredibly valuable resources as well as opportunities for change within the political process. They have facilitated some of the most useful strategies with regards to implementing better political awareness and resourceful review.

End Citizens United has raised more than twenty five million dollars last year and anticipates even more investments in the upcoming years. These resources are allocated towards investigation of political candidates who may have demonstrated poor quality activity in some way or another, and follow their Twitter.

It has been identified by the Executive Director of End Citizens United that multiple states have existing tendencies or predispositions towards the poor practices in the political process. This is because of existing reputations or long standing systems that have been influenced by state or local official culture. California is one state that requires more attention to detail as well as monitoring in order to improve campaign results and goals, and

California Republicans are at the top of the list when it comes to managing the results of ongoing elections and systems. The way that End Citizens United is willing to address incumbent issues in the state speaks to a much broader level of certainty that guides their principles and long term goals. Eventually, End Citizens United plans to improve the way that legislation writes about and dictates the smooth operations of the political process by receiving unilateral support in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and more information click here.

Malcolm CasSelle: How Crypto Currency will affect Online Gaming

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are two of the most familiar words that we hear recently. These technologies are known to economists and financial experts as the future of currency. Cryptocurrency is a system using digital money that is controlled by no one. It is decentralized, and no banks on the planet can control them. Blockchain on the other hand, is a recent technological development which allows secure trading. It has a growing list of records and transactions known as block, and these are linked together. These blocks have a timestamp in them, and every transaction is recorded through a series of codes. Malcolm CasSelle, an American entrepreneur, made use of these technologies and integrated them into the gaming world.

Malcolm CasSelle is the current chief investment officer (CIO) of OP Skins, a company which monitors online virtual trading. He introduced a new system that would provide secure trading to more than 400 million online gamers, and he called the system as WAX or the Worldwide Asset Exchange. The objective of WAX is simple – decentralize trading among players, and prevent fraudulent transactions.

For starters, all they have to do is to download the application and start trading virtually. What happens when an individual uses WAX is that the trade will successfully go through without any hassles, and all fraudulent transactions will be detected, and the victims will be alerted. WAX has been praised by the gaming community, stating that it will be the future of online gaming. Malcolm CasSelle thanked those who have appreciated his recent development, and he promised the gamers that he would be doing everything that he can to improve the system.

A graduate of MIT Stanford University, Malcolm CasSelle is one of the most successful virtual entrepreneurs on the planet. His company is one of the fastest growing technology companies, and because of the success that he is experiencing right now, Malcolm CasSelle decided to divest his earnings into other profitable investments like the stock market. Malcolm CasSelle continues to become an inspiration for technology enthusiasts who wanted to bring change to the society.

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