Bernado Chua: A Multilevel Marketing Industry Giant

Bernardo Chua is a legend in the multilevel marketing industry. He has been at the helm of and helped to build two of the industry’s most successful companies. They are Gano Excel and Organo Gold.

He became involved in the industry as a marketing executive at Gano Excel and helped the company expand into lucrative markets in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. He helped to grow the company from simply an Asia region concern into a major player on the international scene.

A native of the Philippines, Chua was able to use his knowledge, training and experience to create his own company. He moved to California and started Organo Gold . He also created Coffee Connoisseur.

Through these organizations he makes and markets coffees, teas, capsules and a number of other food products infused with the mushroom called ganoderma. Chua had learned about the healing properties of the mushroom from his Chinese grandparents. The products have been embraced by consumers worldwide and created employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people.

Organo Gold uses a very simple marketing model that has been very successful. He provides the members of his marketing distribution network with the highest quality products at great prices.

Those marketing agents then offer them to millions of consumers at prices they can easily afford. There’s an incredibly high level of customer satisfaction. People love the way the products makes them feel. The company recently rebranded itself as ORGANO™ . It still continues to deliver a wide range of high quality consumables infused with ganoderma.

His work with Organo Gold and Gano Excel has earned Bernardo Chua adulation and awards. He’s hailed as a man that created economic opportunities that helped many people get out and stay out of poverty.

Another of his biggest accomplishments is helping to improve the quality of life for millions of consumers worldwide. His organization has won Direct Sales Company of the Year five times and Chua was honored with the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. His companies continue to be among the top in direct selling of food supplements.

The Prosperity of the OSI Group in the International Markets

OSI Group is a well-established company that offers top notch food and beverage products. The firm was created in 1909, and it has been providing its services from Aurora, Illinois. The company’s initial market was small since it only distributed its products locally. It has currently crossed boundaries to be a global firm that is served by a staff of more than 20,000 people. The company is trusted by its clients in offering a broad array of products such as pizza, chicken, bacon, fish, vegetable derivatives, meat patties, and hot dogs.

OSI Group is ecologically responsible, and it is has been honored for having unique environment conservation methods. The company won the Globe of Honor Award, which a significant honor that is offered by the British Safety Council. The primary focus of the recognition is to appreciate the work of companies that have created innovative ways of controlling environmental pollution. The British Safety Council conducted an inspection from August 2015 to July 2016. An organization that is nominated for the award must have scored five starts during the environmental analysis.

OSI is recognized as the 66th company in the food and beverages industry. It has also been named by the Forbes Magazine as one of the leading enterprises in the world. All these accomplishments have been facilitated by the excellent administration of Sheldon Lavin, who is OSI’s current CEO. He won the Global Visionary Award due to his exceptional skill in business administration. Mr. Lavin has managed to grow the business, and it currently has 60 factories that are located in 16 countries.

The company has been devoted to creating branches across the globe and satisfying the needs of the clients. OSI bought Baho Food, which was a Dutch owned enterprise and has penetrated the European markets. Most of the financial information of the deal was not released to the public. The management of the OSI Group believes that the Baho Food will facilitate it to reach clients in Europe.

Baho Food’s market is large, and it sells its commodities in more than 18 European countries. It processes its products in five factories, which are Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, and Vital Convenience. These industries are based in Netherlands and Germany. OSI would like to have a smooth transition, and therefore, it hired the Baho Food’s MD, John Balvers, to be part of its administration.

FreedomPop Wifi Service Gives Everything You Want

There Is A Such Thing As A Free Lunch

FreedomPop’s wifi service offers something sorely missing in today’s ISP market. You can actually receive wifi service for free every month under Freedom Pop. Generally speaking, wifi services are remarkably expensive with a single gigabyte of bandwidth costing, often times, more than $30 for some ISPs. This makes the FreedomPop planning model an absolute must for anyone who is need of a cheap but reliable wifi service provider. Additionally, advancing up to a better plan is affordable.


The Unlimited Plan Is Actually Unlimited

You can purchase new data whenever you want, but there is also an option to earn additional data.. These plans give you some 4g data, but after you use this data you can still access the internet at 3G speeds. So many ISPs claim to offer unlimited data plans, but the “unlimited” data either involves overages or simply refers to a large, but very limited, data limit. Although 3G speeds are slightly slower than 4G, you can still enjoy the same websites you enjoy with 4G. With the high rates many customers pay for their cell phone service, this is a welcome feature.


Saving Your Phone Data

The appeal of the FreedomPop wifi service is the ability to save data. A cursory glance at the plan prices for most cell phone data plans is almost certainly going to send you into sticker shock. Just using a few of your favorite apps will likely cost you a large chunk of your monthly bandwidth limit. This is where the magic of FreedomPop comes in. Even better, for the price of $5 you can receive wifi calling through Freedom Pop. With all of the options you receive from FreedomPop your cell phone plan is no longer a burden.


The FreedomPop Review

For those of us looking for a way to protect our budgets from exorbitant fees, FreedomPop is the perfect provider. You can find just about anything you would want from an wifi provider. There is a free plan that gives you data you don’t have to pay for at all, wifi calling at rates far cheaper than anything available from mobile tower calling, and upgrading to a better plan is affordable if you ever feel a need. While some may not feel a need to signup for FreedomPop, the savings are very real.


Doe Deere The Beauty Queen

Doe Deere is the CEO of Vegan Cosmetics. She was born on June 15 1981 and is a native Russian. Doe Deere moved to the United States with her parents while she was still a child. She grew up in the city of New York where she took her education. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Initially, Doe Deere had enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion. She did not finish her diploma as she opted to drop out and pursue her passion in fashion. Her mission was to prove to the world that make up was not only for hiding scars and other imperfections. But that cosmetics could also be used to express freedom as people would put on even mystic colors as proof of their freedom to do what they desire. Since she did not have enough capital, she did most of the work herself, which included making her own make up looks.

In the year 2008, Doe Deere founded Lime Crime. It was vegan and was made of 100 percent synthetic bee wax. Her decision to use synthetic bee wax was due to the fact that she felt that most cosmetics used pigments that were not true to the required color. With Lime Crime, Doe Deere experimented even with colors that had not been tried before. This made her brand to be unique as compared to the other products i the market. It created a niche in which she was the pioneer and this gave her competitive advantage over other cosmetic companies. Her slogan for her cosmetic brand was “it’s so bright, it’s illegal”. It seemed to trigger some spirit of adventure in ladies as many were willing to try the mystic colors as the colors stood out.

She therefore gave talks to encourage women to express themselves in whichever way they could. She believed that it is only through self expression that ladies would achieve their full potential. The life of Doe Deere is therefore one of moving from a common person to a successful business lady just by following her dream.

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The Wessex Institute Of Technology

The Wessex Institute Of Technology, many times referred to as Wessex Institute or WIT, is located in the south part of England at Ashhurst Lodge in New Forest. The school was founded by engineering Professor Carlos Brebbia. A well educated man from Argentina, Professor Brebbia researched and taught at many renowned technological schools such as MIT and the University of California. He got his PhD at Southampton University, and is best known for inventing the Boundary Element Method which is commonly applied at the WIT for the purpose of research.

The primary goal of the Wessex Institute is to provide platforms intended to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between academia and those working in their fields. Scientific knowledge has become specialized and diverse. New research is appearing constantly. At Wessex, those who want to research are provided the most accurate and up to date scientific and peer reviewed journals. The institute strives to provide information to clients around the world. Journals can be delivered electronically or in print format.

Top scientists come together to share recent developments on vitally important topics such as: air pollution, the ecosystem, sustainable development in the third world, and water management.

The Wessex Institute offers short courses at the Ashurst Lodge presented by experts in their perspective fields, most of whom are published with doctoral degrees. The attendees can make arrangements to stay onsite or find local accommodations with beautiful scenery and enjoyable activities in the area.

Courses in BEASY, or the Boundary Element Analysis System, are offered at the institute. This software application has been widely adopted by many types of industries who have found this research beneficial.

Doe Deere Steers Lime Crime Into the Future

The success of a product or a person or a company depends on many ingredients. First, is there a need for the product, second, can the company operate profitably in the chosen area or region, and finally can the person at the head of the company effectively handle the duties and responsibilities of managing the company and marketing the product.

Once success has been achieved, can the company continue to generate sales and remain profitable? One company, Lime Crime, exploded onto the women’s makeup market and gained a foothold. The owner and head of the company is a talented and unique woman named Doe Deere, who has created the company and reshaped herself to appeal to the various factions making the internet a new marketplace. She has masterminded her way to success and taken Lime Crime to a position as a player among women’s cosmetics. She, unfortunately, has crossed paths with unhappy people who have generated negatives about Deere and Lime Crime. Deere has built her company on an almost intimate basis turning her customers into “unicorns” and giving them a sense of belonging. This does have a downside in the case that said unicorns have an unhappy and unresolved experience with the Queen of the company. Mistakes happen in business and when they occur it is up to the management to deal with them. If management does not take an active part in turning unhappy unicorns back into happy customers, then problems will result.

Lime Crime may have grown too big, too fast. Growth and business success can often fill the management with a powerful sense of infallibility. But the business phrase that the customer is always right is almost always the right policy. In business, a satisfied customer might refer two or three customers to the business, but an unsatisfied customer will inform everyone they know about a business that they feel has treated them unfairly. For a full examination of this issue: Click here

Couple unhappy customers with those young and uninformed customers who know nothing about business or how real life operates and there is a potential for disaster. Deere and Lime Crime, like any business, are a work in progress but Lime Crime’s merchandising, marketing, and physical presence in the media is impressive. Deere has guided the company past the fumbling early stages of development and now heads it into the future where sanguine direction will establish Lime Crime as a major player in women’s cosmetics.

Nathaniel Ru Talks about Sweetgreen’s Success

Salad chain Sweetgreen is gaining popularity across America due to its health-conscious meals, which appeal to millions. The chain serves exquisitely prepared salads. Its co-founder Nathaniel Ru was recently interviewed by Tech Insider. He explained how Sweetgreen sources its food, the preparation techniques used, the marketing strategies that have helped it expand, and why it is healthy to eat vegetable more.


How Locations are Chosen


Ru asserts that besides the traditional demographic analysis, Sweetgreen uses sequencing when opening new outlets. This is basically the timing of openings. In New York for instance, the chain’s first outlet was at Broadway and 28th. This is a highly affluent neighborhood. According to Ru, choosing the location was a deviation from the norm since most media companies and tech upstarts are clustered along 23rd street.


The location literally set the chain apart from its competitors. The success of the first store heralded the opening of other outlets in Nolita, Williamsburg, and Tribeca. The co-founders wanted to go beyond typical convenience.


Exotic Dining Experience


Despite the fact that it is a fast food chain, Sweetgreen transcends notable restaurants because it offers customers an exotic and healthy dining experience. When you walk into a Sweetgreen outlet, you will encounter clean queues and smiling faces. This alone is proof of customer satisfaction. Ru asserts that this is service design; a culmination of technology, storytelling, and consistency. Clients have the freedom to either order food at the outlets, or via a mobile app.


This design gives clients the opportunity to see the food preparation process. As a result, trust is developed. Sweetgreen ensures that all its dressings and products are sourced and every day. Therefore, foods sold at the stores are fresh and healthy. These products are sourced from trusted suppliers.


Nathaniel Ru’s Résumé


The Georgetown University alumnus cofounded Sweetgreen with Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. They wanted to establish a restaurant chain dedicated to providing a healthy culinary option. Their resolute efforts have seen Sweetgreen gain a foothold across the United States. Sweetgreen started with a single store at Georgetown University, which incubated the trio’s idea. Nonetheless, it has grown exponentially and currently boasts more than 35 locations. Ru has brought on board investors who have backed the venture to a tune of over 90 million dollars.


Cone Marshall Strengthening New Zealand International Tax Law Legacy

Cone Marshall Ltd is a company that works with families and their advisors from all over the world in matters that are related to the law. One of their primary goals in the industry is to assist in establishing New Zealand trusts, tax, succession, structuring advice of companies, administrative services, as well as offer global wealth planning advice. The firm provides its services to attorneys, family advisors, trustees, nongovernmental banks, and other institutions located outside New Zealand to help them in planning for their clients.


Currently, foreign taxes are one of the most complex challenges facing the world today. With business firms globally becoming so much connected internationally, international tax law is becoming a crucial aspect of the practice of law. The determination of Karen Marshall has shown in making the company the most thriving international trust and tax planning firm in New Zealand. There isn’t any company that can match Cone Marshall standards. Cone Marshall began practice in 1999, the company has been making international tax plans for two decades and continues to display the same criteria of excellence.


Tax transparent nations participate in the global exchange of information to make better the enforcement of domestic tax laws. For instance, if an individual takes 11 million pounds and deposits them in a Japanese LLC, the tax transparency of Japan needs to share the details of the electronic transfer with the United Kingdom.


It is easy to see why the firm is so important. Cone Marshall is designed to fit companies all over the world to meet the demands for transparency found in New Zealand tax laws. The firm combats the shifty deals one encounters in tax havens.


Karen Marshall

She is an LLB Otago University graduate. Before working for Cone Marshall, she lived in London for ten years working at a city law firm in the Department of Commercial Litigation. Karen has worked for two statutory trustee companies as an advisor providing security for third parties, borrowing for investments and advising Trustees of Charitable Trusts on claims from beneficiaries. Karen Marshall has a vast experience in managing Trusts. Her work experience has landed her in work related situations like drafting documentation to the needs of Trust, providing information where the trustee is a company, responding to requests from Settlers and their representatives, and even providing Trust Deed precedents for clients.



InnovaCare Health Reaches the North American Community

InnovaCare Health is a North American care provider. It lists among the leading provider of managed health care. For years, since its inception, the health provider has given its services to patients through two primary avenues. It reaches the vast community through its provider networks and Medicaid programs. The health provider primary goals have always been to provide healthcare through sustainable, cost effective methods. The health care provider has also embraced technology in health care provision. This ensures patient have the highest chances of getting better.

The health care provider is governed and operates under core values. All doctors and nurses see to it that the patient always comes first. Secondly, embracing teamwork in the workplace also enables them to provide healthcare to all patient efficiently. By innovative medical practices on, the health care providers can provide the best medical care to their patients. It’s also a primary goal for the health providers to ensure the cultivation of lasting patient-doctor relationships.

Today, the healthcare provider is run under the authority of Chief Executive Officer Richard Shinto. Rick Shinto served as the President of Aveta.INC until 2012. He has an experience of more than 20 years in healthcare and hence a suitable candidate for this Job. He had also held the position of Chief Medical Officer at Medical pathways Company. Besides his career in health provision, Shinto is an author and has published several articles on medicine.

On 28th of July 2016, InnovaCare announced the hiring of three executives in their leadership team. Penelope Kokkinides was among the three employees. She especially has knowledge in the management of healthcare by focussing on the processes. Her role is to increase efficiency in the operations.

On the 2nd of August 2016, InnovaCare Health executives announced their move to revolutionize their payment methods. America is moving towards modes of payment that are based on the quality of health care given rather than quantity. InnovaCare became a member of Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). The mission of this Network is to speed up the process of transition to the new modes of payment. The Chief Executive Officer, Shinto, said that joining the network signified their commitment to providing quality health care while pushing the industry in a positive direction. He also pointed out that reforming the payment methods was also a way of strengthening the relationships with its patients.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

Raj Fernando’s Business Skyrockets

Raj Fernando knew from a young age that he wanted to be successful. He looked up to many powerful businessmen and he knew that he was going to be one of them some day. This was something that he he worked for all through grade school which eventually landed him a spot as one of the top people in his college class. He knew that he could do more.

While he did not attend one of the most prestigious or expensive schools in the country, he did work hard while he was in school and that really paid off for Raj Fernando. He knew that he needed to be successful in school so that he was able to get the most out of the business that he had when he eventually graduated and started on a new career path. This was something that enabled him to do more with his business once he graduated.

In college, Raj Fernando knew that he had to learn more than the basics. Because of this, he got a job working for the Mercantile Exchange. While his experience with college and the actual education aspect of going to a university was truly helpful for future career, having a job with the Mercantile Exchange was even more helpful. He learned what he could while he was working there and would eventually take that experience with him when he started his true career. This gave him the chance to see what he could, and couldn’t, do while working in trading.

This was a trading business and something that he thought would make a difference in life. He chose to do everything that he had learned as well as put his own spin onto things with his business. He wanted to make sure that he was successful. When he started Chopper Trading, he had the experience that he needed to really get the business off the ground.

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