Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; The New Phases Of Banco Bradesco

While planning identifies critical activities that can create possibilities, change indicates the required steps taken to arrive at the preferred plan. Internalizing the interdependency of these two aspects is critical to organizational changes. As such, successful organizations merge these activities into a process managed by the executive leaders. This article highlights the recent changes experienced at Banco Bradesco, the immediate reshuffling and the adaptation to new leadership.

The Beginning of Reshuffling
At 91 years old, Brandao de Mello decided to step down from serving as the president of Banco Bradesco. Although his resignation was voluntary, the organization was subjected to tremendous changes that have since seen the employees adapting to new leadership structures. While resigning, Brandao made it clear that it was a decision based on letting go of conventional leadership structures and introducing modern and somewhat new leadership models to the firm. Additionally, he put Luiz Carlos Trabuco in charge of the organization as CEO.

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The Announcement of a New President
Following his appointment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made it clear that the firm would adhere to the culture left behind by Brandao. In this aspect, he was referring to internal recruitment as Brandao had earlier insisted on electing a leader from the existing staff. Moreover, he insisted on the importance of electing an individual who understands the ropes of banking and finance.

Octavio de Lazari is introduced
Luiz Trabuco served for a few months before the management held a meeting to elect a new president. According to him, the election process was complicated as almost every candidate seemed qualified for the post. Nevertheless, only one candidate had the unique leadership qualities they required. Octavio de Lazari was elected based on his work experience with Banco Bradesco. Moreover, he has additional leadership traits that set him apart from the remaining candidates.

As the vice president, Octavio Junior currently doubles as the president as well. He is now assuming all the roles that Brandao used to play. During his election, he promised to keep in touch with his role models with the intention of siphoning leadership skills from them. Because he joined the company at a youthful age, he is expected to lead his workers through multiple strategies that have been proven to be successful.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi
For more than ten years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been a senior executive at Banco Bradesco. Also described as a dedicated individual, focused on making sure that change is procured professionally, he has retained his initial position at the bank. With that said, he is now working on a new pension reform that he terms as the mother of all categories of the same plan. Besides, he hopes that the government will pass a law that favors this plan before the election period. He graduated from University of Sao Paolo. He started as clerk in Bradesco.

The Next Phase for Luiz
Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi might be stepping down from the presidency but he retains his leadership position and will continue to chair key decision-making aspects of the firm. Over and above, he upholds certain value introduced to the firm by the pioneers.