Kim Dao has an Onsen Day

Kim Dao would make a great travel agent. She knows all the hotspots and wants all of her viewers to know them too. A visit to an onsen in Tokyo is no exception to Kim’s hotspot skills. Onsen is the Japanese word for a hot spring. The first thing Kim Dao does is take off her shoes, as is custom in Japan. She finds a locker for her shoes and then pays the entry fee. She is given a bracelet that she puts on her arm to identify her as a paying customer.


Kim Dao chooses a yukata, then the obi and she is off to the changing room. You are given a band that you can wear around your wrist to make purchasing easier. You can use it to purchase food, drinks and other items. After your day is over, you pay for everything you purchased when they tell you the total as you leave.


Kim Dao heads to the foot spring where you can sit and soak your feet or walk on the rocks under the water for a foot massage. Kim Dao warns viewers that the rocks do hurt, but she is a good sport and tries it anyway. There is also a fish spa where you put your feet in the water and the fish eat off contaminates from your feet. It will tickle your feet, Kim Dao warns, but you come out with smooth feet. There are plenty of games to play and food to eat, so enjoy your day just as much as Kim Dao did when she visited.

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