Fabletics-A Win-Win for Everyone

Fabletics has become a very well-known household name in the last few years. They are not just another athleisure brand that is expensive and monochromatic. Fabletics has broken the mold as far as athleisure wear is concerned. The brand offers trendy clothing for the active lifestyle that is colorful and eye-popping and at a price that is affordable. Plus, Fabletics offers the convenience of a monthly subscription and personalized service.


Instead of going the usual pop-up method that many new companies do, Fabletics took the time to really feel out their customer base and took it slow. This resulted in a steady growth that has proven to be very successful.


While many companies are feeling the effects of “showrooming” Fabletics has been able to avoid the negative impact of customers shopping for better prices elsewhere. When shoppers can’t find a good price, they will buy it at a lower price somewhere else, and the store loses business. But with Fabletics, the customer is already getting the best price, and they can’t get their unique athlesiure anywhere else, so they get a happy customer who shops in their store. About 30 to 50 percent of their customers are already members, and another 25 percent will join the monthly subscription in-store. Plus, all purchases made count toward their monthly shopping cart. It is a win-win for everyone involved, and everyone is pretty happy.


There is good a reason why so many love Fabletics. Even celebrities such as Demi Lovato have partnered with the rising brand. The brand is much more than trendy clothes to wear to the gym. Fabletics is all about making people feel great about their bodies, and they are about looking great, feeling great, and performing in comfortable clothing. Kate Hudson promotes her own brand. She is active and wears her designs. She also stays involved with her company and knows what is selling and what is not.


For an actress that has no background in business, Kate Hudson has done very well. She has found a niche and has honed in on an area that needed to be improved. Fabletics has its new members take a Lifestyle Quiz that helps the company to know what it is that their customers want. It also helps them to offer a very personalized service. Kate is very hands-on, and she cares not only about her company but about her customers as well.


Brynn Leighton

Many would be imagining what has really brought about this success, but as many people continue in exercise, they have seen reasons to turn unto this athleisure wear. With the right way to do meditation Fabletics has continued to be a trusted brand in athleisure wear. Kate’s Fabletics has continued to see success partly because of taking a lifestyle quiz from members.

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