End Citizens United Raises $4 mil in Three Months

End Citizens United is a political group of over three million democrats fighting for political reform. In a new national poll, approximately 61% of the American people agree that there should be an independent investigation into Russia’s ties in the 2016 presidential election. Not only that, the majority of pollers disagreed with Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey. Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time record setting low, with 56% disapproving and only 39% approving. This is the lowest approval rating ever seen by the polling company PPP.

Due to these facts, End Citizens United along with Every Voice has launched a new campaign called Independent Investigation Now. The goal of the campaign is to get the attention of senators and put pressure on them to support an independent investigation. We as a people need to know if there was collusion with Russia by President Trump or his Administration.

Tiffany Muller, president and executive director of End Citizens United, talked about how Americans are losing trust in our Nation. Her comment strikes a chord of truth, especially in the wake of these newest poll results.

Muller also commented on Comey’s firing, saying that by firing the head of the investigation, President Trump has directly threatened our democracy. Her words reiterate what we all feel: an unsettling concern about the leadership quality in our nation. Muller did make it clear that End Citizens United would continue is campaigns and keep up the fight for truth and justice within our political system.

It is obvious that End Citizens United is not going to let this go, and they have been taking every possible opportunity to get closer to the truth. Their new campaign Independent Investigation Now will not hold back either. They will use paid advertising, polls, grassroots movements, and media to make sure that we have an independent investigation.

In its fight for reform, End Citizens United has raised over $4 million dollars in just the first three months of 2017 and is projected to raise $35 million dollars before the 2018 midterm Congress elections. This is a huge leap from the 2016 election collections, which was in the $25 million dollar range.Over 100,000 people contributed at the start of this year, and those numbers are growing with the nation’s disapproval.

The political action committee has also been playing an active role by urging its contributors to donate to Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign. He is the perfect candidate to fill a vacant republican house seat in Georgia. Having a democrat in that seat would greatly benefit the democratic party. With all of these plans in place, End Citizens United is ready to fight for truth and justice for the American people.