Doe Deere The Beauty Queen

Doe Deere is the CEO of Vegan Cosmetics. She was born on June 15 1981 and is a native Russian. Doe Deere moved to the United States with her parents while she was still a child. She grew up in the city of New York where she took her education. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Initially, Doe Deere had enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion. She did not finish her diploma as she opted to drop out and pursue her passion in fashion. Her mission was to prove to the world that make up was not only for hiding scars and other imperfections. But that cosmetics could also be used to express freedom as people would put on even mystic colors as proof of their freedom to do what they desire. Since she did not have enough capital, she did most of the work herself, which included making her own make up looks.

In the year 2008, Doe Deere founded Lime Crime. It was vegan and was made of 100 percent synthetic bee wax. Her decision to use synthetic bee wax was due to the fact that she felt that most cosmetics used pigments that were not true to the required color. With Lime Crime, Doe Deere experimented even with colors that had not been tried before. This made her brand to be unique as compared to the other products i the market. It created a niche in which she was the pioneer and this gave her competitive advantage over other cosmetic companies. Her slogan for her cosmetic brand was “it’s so bright, it’s illegal”. It seemed to trigger some spirit of adventure in ladies as many were willing to try the mystic colors as the colors stood out.

She therefore gave talks to encourage women to express themselves in whichever way they could. She believed that it is only through self expression that ladies would achieve their full potential. The life of Doe Deere is therefore one of moving from a common person to a successful business lady just by following her dream.

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