A Collaboration That Formed Top IT Staffing

John Goullet stands as the Principal Executive of Diversant, focusing his talents in the field of IT staffing. John Goullet originally began his IT career in consulting; however, in 1994 he transformed his skills into IT staffing, which allowed him to found the company Info Technologies. Info Technologies strove to provide solutions to Fortune 500 companies using their IT consultant skills. With Goullet’s talents in leadership and passionate personality, the company grew to $30 million throughout their first five years. This achievement awarded Goullet’s company the 8th spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing privately owner firms in America.

With Goullet’s company reaching impressive goals, Gene Waddy, owner of Diversant Inc., choose to merge his company with Goullet’s Info Technologies. This resulted in the founding of Diversant LLC where Goullet holds the position as Principal Executive. Here he is able to continue taking on IT challenges with innovative IT staffing solutions.

Diversant LLC supports an ample clientele with their IT staffing needs. Surpassing other companies, Diversant LLC strives to view staffing as more than a list of bullet points and instead uses top of the line professionals to seek out the best matches. The skills from Diversant LLC are based on expert knowledge bases and years of experience. Each professional at Diversant LLC is reaching out to better their skills to help each customer overcome their IT challenges.

The company works at forming bonds with both companies and consultants that will help Diversant LLC provide great services and understand how to create the best matches. Due to their time spent in building relationships, Diversant LLC is proud to note their consultants are known for having high rates of retention and extension while their customers are provided with the staff they need. In all, Diversant LLC has grown into a grade A IT staffing company.

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