Cone Marshall Strengthening New Zealand International Tax Law Legacy

Cone Marshall Ltd is a company that works with families and their advisors from all over the world in matters that are related to the law. One of their primary goals in the industry is to assist in establishing New Zealand trusts, tax, succession, structuring advice of companies, administrative services, as well as offer global wealth planning advice. The firm provides its services to attorneys, family advisors, trustees, nongovernmental banks, and other institutions located outside New Zealand to help them in planning for their clients.


Currently, foreign taxes are one of the most complex challenges facing the world today. With business firms globally becoming so much connected internationally, international tax law is becoming a crucial aspect of the practice of law. The determination of Karen Marshall has shown in making the company the most thriving international trust and tax planning firm in New Zealand. There isn’t any company that can match Cone Marshall standards. Cone Marshall began practice in 1999, the company has been making international tax plans for two decades and continues to display the same criteria of excellence.


Tax transparent nations participate in the global exchange of information to make better the enforcement of domestic tax laws. For instance, if an individual takes 11 million pounds and deposits them in a Japanese LLC, the tax transparency of Japan needs to share the details of the electronic transfer with the United Kingdom.


It is easy to see why the firm is so important. Cone Marshall is designed to fit companies all over the world to meet the demands for transparency found in New Zealand tax laws. The firm combats the shifty deals one encounters in tax havens.


Karen Marshall

She is an LLB Otago University graduate. Before working for Cone Marshall, she lived in London for ten years working at a city law firm in the Department of Commercial Litigation. Karen has worked for two statutory trustee companies as an advisor providing security for third parties, borrowing for investments and advising Trustees of Charitable Trusts on claims from beneficiaries. Karen Marshall has a vast experience in managing Trusts. Her work experience has landed her in work related situations like drafting documentation to the needs of Trust, providing information where the trustee is a company, responding to requests from Settlers and their representatives, and even providing Trust Deed precedents for clients.