Rocketship Charter School Expands Into Metro Nashville Public School Zone

Rocketship Charter Schools were founded in 2006 and opened their doors to begin educating San Jose area children in 2007. Communities have embraced Rocketship charter schools and they have experienced an exponential expansion since their doors first opened. There are currently thirteen Rocketship charter schools in California. These thirteen locations are Antioch School, Alma Academy, Brilliant Minds, Discovery Prep, Fuerza Community Prep, Futuro Academy, Los Suenos Academy, Mateo Sheedy Elementary, Mosaic Elementary, Redwood City Prep, Rising Stars Academy, Sí Se Puede Academy and the Spark Academy. In addition to these California Bay area schools Rocketship Charter Schools has expanded their network to other states within the United States. Nashville, Milwaukee and Washington DC are now currently benefiting from the astounding leadership and educational programs that Rocketship Charter Schools provide.

Nashville Tennessee currently has three Rocketship Charter Schools. These schools are Partners Community Prep, United Academy and Nashville Northeast Elementary. These three schools currently educate 1,038 students and rank in second place for growth out of all seventy three public elementary schools in the Nashville metro public school system. 73% of the students enrolled in the Nashville area Rocketship charter schools are from low income families. Recently the parents of these students took the press to voice their concerns about the Metro Nashville Public School board. The board had been making allegations and unfavorable comments about the Rocketship schools and the parents wanted to express their utter joy about how beneficial these schools have been for their children. The premise of Rocketship Charter Schools is to provide a better learning experience in a safer and updated learning facility. Parents interested in enrolling their children must enter into registration lotto and will be randomly selected.

Rocketship strives to eliminate the achievement gap in the education system from low income to high income neighborhoods. Rocketship functions by embracing three pillars to transform their public schools. Personalized learning is utilized to help children unleash their potential. Curriculum is tailored for each student’s individual needs. Talent Development guides each student to recognize their individual talents and embrace them. Parent Power is the third pillar. Rocketship believes that involved parents can help increase each schools quality. Embracing these three pillars as fundamentals has been successfully driving Rocketship into more cities that benefit from their program.