Betsy Devos And Her National Success

Betsy Devos And Her Education Values

Betsy DeVos is the United States Secretary Of Education; she was sworn into office in November of this year. Besides being highly active in politics, Betsy DeVos is an individual who has been involved in improving education for the last 30 years. Betsy DeVos is an education advocate, and she has been constantly involved in the fight to take away any barrier that can stop individuals from living their best life. DeVos is an individual who has a dedication to children because she realizes the importance of education in an individual’s economic and social future.

Betsy DeVos And Her Fight For Education Equality

DeVos is an individual who is dedicated to children and their learning. DeVos was the chair of the American Federation for Children and The Philanthropy Roundtable. Betsy DeVos is an individual who realize the opportunities that she received when she was young. DeVos graduated from Holland Christian High School, and she went to the Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan in order to attain her bachelor of arts degree. It is DeVos’s desire for every child to be able to have equal access to education, and she will stop at nothing until she can make that a reality for all children in the United States.

Business And Politics

Betsy DeVos is the former chairman of the Windquest group. The Windquest group is a privately held investment management company. This is a company that she started with her husband decades ago, this company is part of the reason why she and her husband have acquired such financial success.Betsy DeVos is an avid advocate for Republican ideology. She was elected as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party multiple times. DeVos has also had a large number of important rules when it comes to Republican campaigns and political action committees.

The Giving Spirit of Mrs. DeVos

Betsy and Dick DeVos are two individuals who have donated millions of dollars to different funds around the world. Dick and Betsy DeVos have a fund that is called the DeVos Family Foundation, and through their foundation, they have donated money to the following charities: The Partnership For Educational Justice, Success Academy Charter School, The Potter House, The American Federation For Children, The Foundation For Excellence In Education, The Enterprise Institute For Public Policy, and The School Of Missionary Aviation Technology. The DeVos’ are a couple who believe in giving to funds that help advance education and understanding, since that is the case, they are known as super philanthropist and fighters for humanity.

The Wessex Institute Of Technology

The Wessex Institute Of Technology, many times referred to as Wessex Institute or WIT, is located in the south part of England at Ashhurst Lodge in New Forest. The school was founded by engineering Professor Carlos Brebbia. A well educated man from Argentina, Professor Brebbia researched and taught at many renowned technological schools such as MIT and the University of California. He got his PhD at Southampton University, and is best known for inventing the Boundary Element Method which is commonly applied at the WIT for the purpose of research.

The primary goal of the Wessex Institute is to provide platforms intended to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between academia and those working in their fields. Scientific knowledge has become specialized and diverse. New research is appearing constantly. At Wessex, those who want to research are provided the most accurate and up to date scientific and peer reviewed journals. The institute strives to provide information to clients around the world. Journals can be delivered electronically or in print format.

Top scientists come together to share recent developments on vitally important topics such as: air pollution, the ecosystem, sustainable development in the third world, and water management.

The Wessex Institute offers short courses at the Ashurst Lodge presented by experts in their perspective fields, most of whom are published with doctoral degrees. The attendees can make arrangements to stay onsite or find local accommodations with beautiful scenery and enjoyable activities in the area.

Courses in BEASY, or the Boundary Element Analysis System, are offered at the institute. This software application has been widely adopted by many types of industries who have found this research beneficial.