Bernado Chua: A Multilevel Marketing Industry Giant

Bernardo Chua is a legend in the multilevel marketing industry. He has been at the helm of and helped to build two of the industry’s most successful companies. They are Gano Excel and Organo Gold.

He became involved in the industry as a marketing executive at Gano Excel and helped the company expand into lucrative markets in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. He helped to grow the company from simply an Asia region concern into a major player on the international scene.

A native of the Philippines, Chua was able to use his knowledge, training and experience to create his own company. He moved to California and started Organo Gold . He also created Coffee Connoisseur.

Through these organizations he makes and markets coffees, teas, capsules and a number of other food products infused with the mushroom called ganoderma. Chua had learned about the healing properties of the mushroom from his Chinese grandparents. The products have been embraced by consumers worldwide and created employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people.

Organo Gold uses a very simple marketing model that has been very successful. He provides the members of his marketing distribution network with the highest quality products at great prices.

Those marketing agents then offer them to millions of consumers at prices they can easily afford. There’s an incredibly high level of customer satisfaction. People love the way the products makes them feel. The company recently rebranded itself as ORGANO™ . It still continues to deliver a wide range of high quality consumables infused with ganoderma.

His work with Organo Gold and Gano Excel has earned Bernardo Chua adulation and awards. He’s hailed as a man that created economic opportunities that helped many people get out and stay out of poverty.

Another of his biggest accomplishments is helping to improve the quality of life for millions of consumers worldwide. His organization has won Direct Sales Company of the Year five times and Chua was honored with the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. His companies continue to be among the top in direct selling of food supplements.