James Dondero Wants to Do More for Charity

Mr. Dondero, the co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P. has formed a partnership with Linda Owen. She was formerly at The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, where she was the president. Linda Owen has been brought to help Dondero expand his philanthropic activities. Linda Owen says she hopes to use the opportunity to make Dondero’s charitable work more impactful.

Linda will be coordinating her work with the Dallas Foundation. The foundation is where Highland Capital Management, L.P. channels funds for charitable work. The decision to hire Linda Owen is due to the need for more impactful giving. The firm recognizes that it has grown too big to handle all the charitable activities causally. A dedicated manager will help the firm to make decisions that have positive results.

Highland donates about $3 million each year to charitable organizations. The funds are channeled to organizations that deal with education, health, veteran’s associations, and the community in the Dallas area. In addition, Dondero sacrifices his personal time to give guidance to these organizations. His personal support is normally in the form of leadership roles and board service.

During her time at the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, she was in charge of a number of impactful projects. For instance, she was the president when the Klyde Warren Park was constructed in Dallas. She has also served as president of The Real Estate Council for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Thus, her ability to be a leader has been tried and tested with proven results. She holds a BA in economics and a JD from the University of Texas. Also, she has worked for other charity organization in the Dallas area.
It is an asset management firm, which controls assets worth over $17 billion together with its affiliate companies. It is involved in things such as credit hedge funds and private equity. James Dondero and another partner established the firm in 1993.

The Dallas Foundation has been around since 1929. It has been working for almost a century to improve the lives of people in Texas. It seeks to pool the resources of generous donors for the betterment of North Texas.

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Jim Hunt’s Solution to Investing in a Falling Stock Market

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The Wealth Wave System

Hunt has likened his Wealth Wave invention to riding the wealth wave where an investor is the surfer who catches a perfect wave and then rides it to success. Hunt bases this system on the fact that whenever the market crushes money is not destroyed but it is rather transferred elsewhere.

The Wealth Wave System provides its customer with up-to-date spread betting information. With the guidance of skilled professionals, the customer learns how to profit from the stock market and the right time for trading. The customer needs not have experience on stock market trading. Through the use of simple DVD training videos and webinars, the Wealth Wave customers are educated on how the stock market work and also how they can make money from a falling stock market.

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