Malcolm CasSelle says Cryptocurrency and Video Games Share a Future

Malcolm CasSelle, graduate of MIT and Stanford University, is an entrepreneur who is currently the CIO of OPSkins and the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange(WAX). He has been involved internet technology his entire career, at one time creating the first media production website geared towards Afrocentric culture.

CasSelle has a very long list of prior work experience. He has worked as GM of Groupon in its Eastern China sector. CasSelle was an adviser for Bringhub, PrettyQuick, DirecTech Labs and VOTOCAST.

CasSelle was co-founder of what is now a multi-billion dollar corporation based out of Hong Kong. The company, Pacific Century CyberWorks or PCCW Limited is the holding company of HKT Group Holdings and has interest in several other companies all over the world including Europe, African and other parts of Asia. With his success as an entrepreneur, CasSelle has invested his money wisely with choices such as Facebook and Zynga.

Earlier in the year, Malcom CasSelle made an interesting statement, of which we will have to wait and see if it turns out true. He says the video game industry and the world of cryptocurrency(bitcoins and other digital currency) have an interwoven future if either want to accelerate forward.

His reasoning for this is simple,cryptocurrency is not limited by geopolitical borders. CasSelle, along with his company OPSkins, have created a new platform for virtual trading called WAX. The platform’s intention is to provide a safe place to trade digital goods. Currently the market is filled with fraudulent merchants and thieves. CasSelle looks to move the industry forward by providing a legitimate market place for trading digital goods using cryptocurrencies similar to bitcoin.

The WAX Token, he hopes will be the future currency used for digital transactions, and is currently in the process of marketing his platform to eSports and gamers. The main selling point being, of course, a safe haven for gamers to conduct their transactions.

Daniel Mark Harrison: Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Author

ICO options are popular, and Monkey Capital was able to sell options prior to funding since it is a decentralized hedge fund. The company invests in SpaceX supply contracts, Blockchain systems, and hostile company takeovers. At the same time, Monkey Capital speculates on large blocks of Crypto and made news in becoming the first ICO to sell options effectively.

Monkey Capital has a top management team with quality operations that filter into real benefits doing good from the start with options called COEVAL that trades on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The CEO of Monkey Capital talked to hundreds of investors about valuation premiums and the volume in COEVAL contracts was approximately 15 BTC on the DEX exchange.

National radio host Chris Walzek, who has interviewed names like George Soros and Jim Rogers, he said would give the company 5 out of 6 stars. He said was surprised during an interview of the Monkey Capital’s founder and managing partner, Daniel M. Harrison. Walzek said he hasn’t seen a product like this in over a decade and said it is something from the future.

Daniel M. Harrison is a managing partner of the blockchain venture capital firm Monkey Capital and FinTech. He is also chairman & chief executive officer of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., a global investment company. Mr. Harrison is the author of a published 2015 novel Millennial Reincarnations and described by bestselling author Jeffery Robinson as someone to watch.

Mr. Harrison attended the New York University in the Journalism in the master’s degree program, he earned an MA in journalism with a certificate in Business & Economics Reporting at Carter Institute of Journalism & Stern School of Business. He also attended the University of Oxford for a BA in Theology. Mr. Harrison also attended BI Norwegian Business School for an MBA in Business Administration and Management earning his MBA in one year instead of two years. During this degree, he had a 3-month consulting contract with Optimera, the largest hardware logistics provider in Scandinavia and was awarded an A for his grade.