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Nick Vertucci Unleashes New Book About His Life And Career

Nick Vertucci is a real estate investor who just put out a new book, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. His book is partly a guide to investing in real estate and partly a memoir. He writes about the challenges he has been through in his life and reveals the principles that guide him when deciding whether or not to invest his money in a property. The main message of his book is that nobody gets rich by playing things safe in life. He says middle class people can become millionaires by taking some risks in their lives.

One of the people that have endorsed the book Nick Vertucci wrote was entrepreneur Kevin Harrington. Kevin founded As Seen on Tv and appeared on the first season of Shark Tank as one of the “Sharks”. He says the book is about a person that went from rags to riches, back to rags, and then once again to riches. He said the book is about a true entrepreneur who has the right mindset for success.

Nick Vertucci was a child when his father passed away. This resulted in his family dropping out of the middle class and his mother not often being around as she had to work a few different jobs to support them. He graduated from high school but college wasn’t in the cards. He opened his own computer parts company which had huge success. He lost everything, though, when the stock market crashed with tech companies in particular going out of business all over the place like his did.

After making a lot of money investing in real Estate Nick Vertucci decided to open another company, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, where he and his team teach others his methods. His company is based in Southern California and holds classes in major cities across North America

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Bruno Fagali: the fight against the rising dominance of fake news

Bruno divulged that for an extended period the influence as well as dominance with which false news and stories control the election process has been discussed. This aspect affects almost every electoral process conducted in the various countries of the world. A well-known example is the United States of America general election, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in which fake stories were uploaded and spread.

Bruno Fagali revealed that the TSE initiated the Consultative Council on Internet as well as Elections. This council was made of representatives from the fourteen organs as well as entities. This implied everybody was adequately represented in the board. The tasks given to the committee was categorised into three significant roles.

The first duty was to research and commence studies entailing rules of the election. This aspect was about the influence of the internet towards the election. The first task also included the false impact stories had in the entire election process and thus the strategies that could be used to curb these types and forms of false information. The second task given to the council was to offer its own opinion towards problems issued by the President of the TSE. The last job was to provide proposals as well as give possible actions or goals that would help in improving the process and standards observed in the whole election period.

A new threat to has however emerged that is affecting the validity of information in the news. It is called Deepfakes; this aspect involves the use of incorrect videos which have more influence in the intended message as well as the power it controls. It entails using an application to insert a person of interest in a video thus placing the person in a compromising position with which he doesn’t represent. The person of interest could be a public figure as well as a celebrity or a politician. This false information has a better control of the mass influence in the internet.

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer in Brazil where he has been registered to practice. His field of expertise is in election law as well as compliance law and public law. Another aspect is in parliamentary law with which he has a keen interest. He has his own law firm called Fagali Advocates based in the Brazilian nation. The sole purpose of the firm was to provide the staff with the needed knowledge that is required in the interests pursued by the company. These endeavours are completed and done with the utmost dedication and will of the personnel.

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Rick Shinto proves to be an incredible person as the president of Innovacare Health

Rick Shinto is named as a prominent person when it comes to recognition of the best and successful entrepreneurs in the United States. He is the president and the CEO of Innovacare Health company which is one of the best health institutions in North America. The institution was started just a few years ago, but the kind of development it has undergone can be equal to the amount of development experienced by a company that has been under operation for more than ten years. One of the factors that have contributed to its growth is the kind of quality leadership it has had over the years. Rick Shinto as the CEO of the company believes in teamwork and clear communication among the members of the company.

Rick Shinto has had a significant influence on the employees which has made them work with full commitment and dedication in line with the organization’s operational values and missions to achieve the primary goal. He has much experience and knowledge in the healthcare management systems over many years. Since he was elected as the CEO and the president of the company, he has been regarded as one of the key players in the development of the company. In addition to his experience in the Medicare sector, he has such a fantastic educational background. He went to the University of New York where he attained a medical degree, and this is one of the reasons he has been excellent in this sector. He also has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California as well as a master’s degree from the University of Redlands.

Besides, Rick Shinto is also a writer. He has written and published many articles about clinical medicine. He is concerned in enlightening other specialists in the same field by sharing his knowledge and experience through various social media platforms. He is also dedicated to improving the Medicare sector of the world.

In addition to the leadership in Innovacare Health, Penelope Kokkinides is one of the people in the leadership team of the company. She is an expert in clinical operations, developing clinical programs and in improving the infrastructure of the organizations. Besides, she also has a vast experience in the sector since she has worked in many health institutions and even for the government programs.

She has played a vital role at Innovacare Health by holding different positions such as the vice president of the company’s clinical operations, and the company’s Chief Operating Officer and she is currently the Chief Administrative Officer of the company.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; The New Phases Of Banco Bradesco

While planning identifies critical activities that can create possibilities, change indicates the required steps taken to arrive at the preferred plan. Internalizing the interdependency of these two aspects is critical to organizational changes. As such, successful organizations merge these activities into a process managed by the executive leaders. This article highlights the recent changes experienced at Banco Bradesco, the immediate reshuffling and the adaptation to new leadership.

The Beginning of Reshuffling
At 91 years old, Brandao de Mello decided to step down from serving as the president of Banco Bradesco. Although his resignation was voluntary, the organization was subjected to tremendous changes that have since seen the employees adapting to new leadership structures. While resigning, Brandao made it clear that it was a decision based on letting go of conventional leadership structures and introducing modern and somewhat new leadership models to the firm. Additionally, he put Luiz Carlos Trabuco in charge of the organization as CEO.

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The Announcement of a New President
Following his appointment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made it clear that the firm would adhere to the culture left behind by Brandao. In this aspect, he was referring to internal recruitment as Brandao had earlier insisted on electing a leader from the existing staff. Moreover, he insisted on the importance of electing an individual who understands the ropes of banking and finance.

Octavio de Lazari is introduced
Luiz Trabuco served for a few months before the management held a meeting to elect a new president. According to him, the election process was complicated as almost every candidate seemed qualified for the post. Nevertheless, only one candidate had the unique leadership qualities they required. Octavio de Lazari was elected based on his work experience with Banco Bradesco. Moreover, he has additional leadership traits that set him apart from the remaining candidates.

As the vice president, Octavio Junior currently doubles as the president as well. He is now assuming all the roles that Brandao used to play. During his election, he promised to keep in touch with his role models with the intention of siphoning leadership skills from them. Because he joined the company at a youthful age, he is expected to lead his workers through multiple strategies that have been proven to be successful.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi
For more than ten years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been a senior executive at Banco Bradesco. Also described as a dedicated individual, focused on making sure that change is procured professionally, he has retained his initial position at the bank. With that said, he is now working on a new pension reform that he terms as the mother of all categories of the same plan. Besides, he hopes that the government will pass a law that favors this plan before the election period. He graduated from University of Sao Paolo. He started as clerk in Bradesco.

The Next Phase for Luiz
Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi might be stepping down from the presidency but he retains his leadership position and will continue to chair key decision-making aspects of the firm. Over and above, he upholds certain value introduced to the firm by the pioneers.


Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a specialist in Eatontown, New Jersey and associated with different healing centers in the zone, including Monmouth Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Long Branch Campus. He got his therapeutic degree from Cairo University School of Medicine and had been practically speaking for over 20 years.


Dr. Saad is an achieved pediatric specialist who has performed a vast number of pediatric surgical tasks amid his vocation. As a doctor, Dr. Saad was continually looking to enhance existing techniques and strategies. He was always testing business as usual to discover approaches to lessen torment and the hazard his patients confronted. Subsequently, Dr. Saad has protected two creations and created numerous new pediatric surgical systems. Dr. Saad served his group in the United States yet additionally helped youngsters and youthful grown-ups in the Holyland, to incorporate four Medical Missions in the US and eight Medical Missions to Jerusalem and the West Bank to perform free complex surgeries on sick kids. Dr. Saad by and by holds the licenses for both of his therapeutic creations. That is the reason Dr. Saad chose to make a gadget that finds the catheter with no sort of machine output of the patient’s body.


Therapeutic catheters are tubes which can serve a broad scope of capacities. In particular, they are tubes which are embedded into the body to treat therapeutic conditions or help play out a surgical method. They can give access to surgical instruments, deplete gases and liquids, and also different errands relying upon the kind of catheter. Certain catheters can be left inside the body, regardless of whether incidentally or for all time. By examination, this restorative gadget works like a metal finder. The client of a metal finder can utilize it to clear the ground to discover metal situated underneath. So also, a specialist can make the outside of a patient’s body until the point when the tip of the catheter found, and the outer finding gadget is opposite to the catheter.


Dr. Saad Saad’s second development is intended to enhance the utilization of endoscopes. Endoscopes are optical gadgets that are utilized to peer inside the patient’s body amid an examination or surgery. These fluids can mist up the focal point of the endoscope, impeding the perspective of the specialist looking through it. Dr. Saad’s creation tends to the above issue the specialist looking through the endoscope can utilize this gadget to suck away any fluid that is ruining their view without removing the endoscope. Both of his devices enable specialists to play out their assignments in a more secure and more commonsense way. Without obscuring a Dr’s view. Learn more:

Fortress Investment Group’s Spirit of Success Lives On With New Owners

Fortress Investment Group is one of the biggest publicly-held private equity firms that operates from New York. It was co-founded in 1998 by a couple of former UBS directors and two other principals. Two co-founders, Wesley Edens and Peter Briger, also double up as the co-chairs. Initially, the firm handled hedge funds, investments in real estate and securities among others. The firm was rapidly successful and went public in 2007 at the NYSE.

The firm has spent almost two decades buying, managing and selling other businesses. In a strange twist of events, the company has new owners. In 2017, the firm was acquired by Softbank Group, a global technology conglomerate with interests in telecommunications, connectivity and a host of technology services such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the clean energy. Fortress Investment Group now operates as an independent subsidiary of Softbank, and

Over the course of its operations, the investment management firm has acquired numerous companies. For example, in 2006, one of its funds bought out RailAmerica. The firm sold the business in 2009 through an initial public offering. Similarly, in 2007, a similar fund operated by the investment firm acquired Florida East Coast Industries. In similar fashion, the firm has publicly listed multiple companies under its portfolio.

Fortress has over thirty businesses in its private equity portfolio. Some of the names on this list include Boxclever, Eurocastle, Gatehouse Media, Nationstar Mortgage and Springleaf Financial. As of 2016, the firm had in excess of forty billion dollars in managed assets. This kitty is managed under different business segments with credit private equity taking the larger piece of the pie.

Hedge funds, permanent capital, and private equity makes up the rest of the assets under management. Fortress Investment Group posted a billion dollars in annual revenue the same year. After the acquisition by Softbank, Fortress was delisted from the NYSE. It continues to operate as a wholly-owned independent subsidiary. The full management team stays on doing what they do best — guiding the business unit to dizzying heights of success.

Besides capital, the Fortress enjoys the full support of Softbank in terms of business leadership, strategy, human capital and a vibrant company culture that drives growth. In addition to the New York office, Fortress Investment Group operates from a dozen other locations. These include Tokyo, London, Frankfurt, Shanghai and Rome, and lacrosse camp Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group has packaged itself as a comprehensive global investment leader. The company operates under several main pillars, as the core competencies that drive success. The firm has a strong focus on asset-based investing. This includes physical and financial assets. It excels in pricing, acquisition, financing and the management of the assets. Fortress enjoys the services of highly experienced investment professionals.

They have extensive knowledge of the industry. Similarly, they have significant expertise in multiple sectors and access to networks of global professionals. The firm has streamlined an operational management strategy that delivers value out of complex investments.

In addition, Fortress has handled numerous mergers and acquisitions. The firm quickly evaluates the structural integrity of an investment and provides advisory on merger options. Fortress has a long history of leveraging the capital markets to secure low-risk funding for a diverse range of investments, and more information click here.

David McDonald-A Sustainable Approach

OSI Group’s CEO, David McDonald, understands what it means to come from humble beginnings. After growing up on a farm in northeast Iowa, he proceeded to attend and graduate from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Mr. McDonald began his career with OSI Industries in Chicago. Eventually, David was able to work his way up to reside as president and chief operating officer of this globally renowned, food production company. To this day, David McDonald continues to contribute to Iowa State University through scholarship funding and initiative programs, both of which create a positive impact on the school and its students. He is an exemplary leader and has set an outstanding precedent for many like him who are looking to give back to the community, and what David McDonald knows.

OSI Group is dedicated to creating sustainable approaches and exceeding environmental protection standards in the Food Industry. As mentioned in a short film created by OSI to showcase one of their recently built beef plants, “Bringing our relationship with the earth to a balance, is our primary goal in OSI Food Solutions.” In the company’s 2016-2017 Global Sustainability Report, OSI Group is noted to have made significant progress in sustainability efforts throughout their global manufacturing network. Mcdonald says, “We will continue to evolve our business practices to realize operational efficiencies that enhance our employees’ lives, build our global communities, and sustain our environmental resources. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are excited to share this report as evidence of our actions.”, and read full article.

Clearly, OSI Food Solutions is among those leading the way in an international initiative to take the necessary measures for resolving the current environmental crisis. They recognize that a global approach is imperative; by creating and implementing environmentally-conscious and sustainable approaches to manufacturing, they continue to raise the standard for eco-friendly practices in the Food Industry. Hopefully, more of the world’s leading food industries can be inspired by OSI, and by the strong display of leadership and character found in David McDonald. Solving the world’s environmental problems is something we should all take part in.

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Bob Reina: Conquer Life

So many people in life choose to be ordinary or average. The reasons are understandable: money and security. They fail to realize going out there and doing what they want to do with their lives can also allow them to obtain both of those things. For so long, people have thought they had to follow a certain way of living. Parents are great and they want the best for their children, but sometimes they have told them to do this and to do that without ever thinking about what the child wants as they grow older. Again, they want what is best for them, but they are looking at it from a parental perspective.


While there is not a single thing wrong with that type of thinking and they come from a good place, times have changed. That is where parents can sometimes get confused and misunderstand their children in terms of their dreams. They don’t realize they are now adults and they have used everything their parents have given them to become a great person. Now that they are a great person, it is time to love their job and be great at it. They become great at their job by having their dream job. Learn more:


With a lot of corporations out there, they don’t allow people to do anything that is even remotely creative. It is standard, run of the mill, and rather boring to them. They almost feel like they are part of an assembly line in many ways. They are just another person at this business. As a matter of fact, if they left, they doubt that anyone would notice or even care. They would just find someone else to do their job for them. That is not the way it should be when it’s all said and done.


It is why they need to go into business for themselves. It is what Bob Reina has done, and he is living proof it can be done. He loves Talk Fusion, and it is something he is very, very passionate about as a human being. He is always giving speeches about the importance of making dreams come true. It is why he started the company up in the first place. He wanted people to at least have a chance to make their dreams come true. Now, thanks to Talk Fusion, dreams are coming true at an alarming rate.

Talos Energy and Stone Energy Becoming One

Talos Energy LLC based in Houston will acquire Stone Energy Corp based out of Lafayette, Louisiana in a merger of almost two billion dollars. The new company will be Talos Energy Inc., “TALO” will be what it trades under on the NYSE. The deal is expected to close during the end of the first quarter or start of the second quarter in 2018.Talos’ CEO, Timothy S. Duncan has said the goal of being an offshore production and exploration company is closer to being met with the merger. The project inventory development will be accelerated by the combined technical resources, balance sheet and talent. The company will also be able to follow through on opportunities for exploration and transactions.Sixty-three percent will be owned by stakeholders in Talos and the other thirty-seven percent by shareholders in Stone.

The November twentieth stock price for Stone was thirty-five dollars and forty-nine cents making almost two billion dollars the initial equity market capitalization with two and a half billion being the enterprise value. There will be a combined gross acreage of one point two million in the Gulf of Mexico for Talos Energy Inc. There were one hundred and thirty-six million barrels of oil and forty-seven thousand barrels of oil equivalent as of the end of June. There will be more flexibility financially which gives room for more growth for the new company. There is not expected to be material long term note maturities until the year 2020. The company is expected to have an initial capacity for borrowing six hundred million, and the initial credit facility is expected to be a billion dollars.

Talos Energy Inc CEO will be Duncan, and the board will four members from Stone and six from Talos. The new company headquarters will be in Houston with New Orleans and Lafayette having additional offices. The financial advisors for stone are Petrie Partners Securities LLC, and Talos’ financial advisors are UBS Investment and Citigroup banks. Legal counsel for Stone was Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, while Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP and Vinson & Elkins LLP were legal council for Talos.Tim Duncan and partners used six hundred million dollars to start Talos Energy. The equity came from prior backers and assets that produced more than sixteen thousand barrels of oil each day. Talos has already acquired Helix Energy Solutions.

Mike Baur on Expert Tips for Startups

Since the digital revolution, disruptive technology has been the major controller in businesses. Over the past years, entrepreneurs have watched the internet–based businesses transitioning into major controllers of how emerging firms should be managed. Therefore, businesses like Amazon as well as Netflix have had the opportunity to focus on the last say of who is who. Consequently, technology has become the major connector and controller for most businesses. With that said, just how emerging startups should deal with the new world era of technology is a major question. Mike Baur, a lead executive, and entrepreneur who deals with startups is keen on enlightening the emerging entrepreneurs on how their startups can gain a stable footing in business.


Mike Baur is a successful entrepreneur. He co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. But before that, he worked in the industry of banking for more than 20 years. After garnering vast experience in banking and finance, Mike Baur was now able to delve into the business of startup companies. With his partners Max Meister as well as Oliver Walzer, Swiss Startup Factory was born.


Mike Baur has received numerous honorary awards in the industry. Following his contribution, Mike Baur has taken advantage of the available investment opportunities. That is why the industry of emerging startups solely depends on his input to build emerging startups across the world. At the tender age of 20, Mike Baur was employed in the banking industry. While working in the industry, he garnered vast experience as a manager and a client service provider. From that moment, Mike Baur decided to venture into profitable businesses that would later allow him to mentor young entrepreneurs.


To achieve that dream, Mike Baur set out on his journey to establish the Swiss Startup Factory in 2005. From the original team of three members, the organization has now expanded to accommodate over 1,000 emerging entrepreneurs who are committed to establishing stable businesses. Whether an individual needs a prototype or just a complex application, Swiss Factory, with the leadership of Mike Baur, ensures that there is a plan to build products that live up to the client’s expectations. But just how does the company achieve this? Well, the company delivers this by working with an updated software development technique. This is a candid plan to ensure that a startup emerges the winner in the specific category or industry.


For Mike Baur, it is easy for emerging startups to make it in the already-dominated world of businesses. That is why in the lessons, he provides all tips that an entrepreneur can use to perfect the business.